Friday, December 14, 2012

Getting organized

Our computer is up again so I thought I would blog once more. I really enjoyed the outlet. I've been putting it off because I wanted to "catch up" on what has been happening and write all about it. But that is a big task since it's been a year and a half. I've decided to jump in right where I'm at and fill in the blanks later. Which leads me to this post.

I have a tendency to put off things until I can do it right which means some things never get done. I will let laundry pile up because I want to reorganize the drawers before I add new stuff. One day an idea came to me and I was shocked at the brilliance...put the clothes away now, get it out of the way and organize later, maybe one drawer at a time. Duh~!

It took until the fourth kid, yes the fourth, to start making this change in my life. I had to. I was being taken over by chaos. The kids now have a color system. Nevaeh is Blue, Selah is Pink and Danica is Green. I haven't figured out Savy yet (she is the new one. I will get to her later)

 Towels! I was washing an endless amount of towels. They would leave them on the floor and then I would have no idea if they were clean or not so I washed a load of towels every other day in addition to the two loads I already do daily. Now, they grab their color and put it back when their done. Towels are included in the color wash and only once a week.
Toys! Everywhere!!!! Not anymore. Now they have their own basket and they are allowed 5 toys and they go into rotation weekly. This I've gotten away from a bit over the last few weeks but it's easy to slip right back into and the house is no longer swimming with toys. They enjoy and play with them more too. Go figure.

Shoes! I use to run around looking everywhere for their shoes. I could find one but not the other and it would make us late. It was a constant fight and battle. Now shoes go directly in their box and they get their own shoes now and put them on themselves.

My other motto is procrastinate now and panic tomorrow. I'm finding my peace and tranquility....sort of. Anyone else have great ideas they want to share. I'm all ears!