Friday, August 5, 2011

Dennis the Menace

Today as I was cleaning up the house I was thinking about some old movies I have watched. I was thinking about women that had wild children that always got into mischief and the mother was always at her wits end. Other mothers would look on sympathetically and say "sorry for your troubles."

Now days the look and comments are harsher. The mothers glare at her and usually make comments to others and sometimes to the mother about areas where she should be improving. Advise or just straight insults. Mothers with a Dennis the Menace are in big trouble in this day and age.

My opinion on this? Well, I think we have too much information and we are all so "educated" on parenting that we think we have the angle on it all and if your kid is bad then you are bad. If your kid is wild then you have no control. You must not discipline. Don't you know about time outs and spankings?

Granted there are some dead beat parents. But, I can't help but think of it in relation to my relationship with Christ. I don't always do what I should. In fact, there was a huge part of my life where I flat out ignored, rebelled and ran from Him. He loves me and created me for crying out loud. Who better to listen to then the one that made you. But, I know better and after all, He is the one that gave me this free will. I can do what I want!!! Do we blame God for our behavior? Of course not. It certainly comes with consequences and quite frankly the temptation to do what I wanted vs. the consequence still had me making the wrong choice. Me and Dennis have a lot in common.

What is the lesson here?  Don't have a Dennis the Menace and if you do, grow some thick skin. I have the feeling I have a Dennis. I am still in denial maybe but I'm working on some thick skin...just in case.

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  1. Thanks for sharing! I totally agree with the idea that we think we know it all and have too harsh opinions of others parenting styles. Guilty as charged! There is no one right way. We have to find what works for our kids, their personalities, and our family in general! And we could all use a little more grace for us and for each other! :O)