Thursday, August 25, 2011

Getting by

So I'm preggos and it's kicking my butt. Around 6 weeks the morning sickness, aka: all day sickness, fired off and has gotten progressively worst each day. Now at 7 weeks it's in full throttle and it's all can do to not vomit. I heard taking Unisom at night and B6 during the day helps and I've started that. It seems to be working. The last two days have been significantly better. Not totally better, but better. The other thing that is worse this time than any other pregnancies is the exhaustion. I'm assuming it's because I have 3 kids and my husband works during the day. He use to work evenings and was very helpful to me during the day....lots of naps.

I could use my babysitter but thanks to me running into the garage door our budget is taking a hit and by the time I can afford her again I will be in second trimester. So I'm pounding coffee, EmergencyC and munching on crackers. I'm doing only what is absolutely necessary in term of house work and child care. Jason has a lot to take on when he gets home and has been  a life saver during his lunches. Make no mistake this pregnancy is kicking his butt too.

So the kids are living on Top Ramen, PB&J's, mac and cheese and cereal... it won't kill them for a month.
The clean clothes are in respective piles all over our bedroom floor. Just sort through your's in there somewhere.
And I'm dumping bleach in the toilets to soak instead of scrubbing...if I get any closer I will be vomiting in there.
The toys are thrown on the couch instead of the's easier to find what your looking for.

On the upside... I dreamed we were having a boy!!!

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