Saturday, May 28, 2011

Easier said than done

One of the changes we have made in our home is we now uphold the Sabbath. Sundown on Friday to Sundown on Saturday. I thought "OK, no problem, this should be a breeze and I finally get a full break." Right? WRONG. It's soooo much harder than I ever expected. Listen, I hate doing dishes and laundry and picking up the same stinkin toy over and over again, but, not being "able" to do that very thing is torture. I had to keep stopping myself all day the last week. Then, on Sunday when I woke up, I popped right out of bed, hurried the kids downstairs for their breakfast and set to work. I got the dishes done, wiped the counter, tossed on the toys in the bins and rushed upstairs to fold laundry. As I sat on the floor sorting and putting the respected item in the right pile for put away my mind begin to think over the last hour. I LOVED cleaning up the house. I was enjoying what I feel, at times, I'm forced to do whether I want to or not. How refreshing.

This Saturday was even more difficult. I forgot last night that it was the Sabbath and I did not prepare the house or myself. This morning when I came down to the mess my sweet hubby left the night before baking his late night craving I had a choice to I live in this or clean it up.  We won't work unless we are asked by someone and than we will unto the Lord as a ministry or service. I decided  when Jason got up I would ask if he would take care of it for me. He delighted himself unto the Lord on my behalf! Feels a bit like a loop hole. Baby steps!!

Next week is bound to get easier. Each time we get a little better at this. And I'm learning and understanding why it's a good thing and why the Lord asked us to do this. I have an appreciation for what I do every day and I have a day where I can reflect and deny myself for the sake of my King. He is so smart.

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