Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Red Rock

Yesterday I just needed to get out of here and play so I packed up the girls after lunch and we drove to Red Rock. That is an area on a huge lake (largest in the state) that has some beaches and fun parks. The last time we were there we found this closed off boat launch that is no longer in use. The huge log comes into play later on.
 As you can tell it's pretty vacant and on our long walk down to the water I really had to pee SO I WENT. Yep right on the road. It couldn't be helped. Well, Nevaeh thought that looked like a pretty good idea, so she went. Selah of course, had to do what sissy was doing. After the deed we all carried on again.

The girls were having a blast and I was trying to keep them from going out too deep. Danica was not getting it. It became our first, and I fear not the last of many wars. Here comes the log. I dragged that ridiculously huge tree out and set up a barricade. I was feeling pretty proud of myself until....

   They began using it as a floatation devise. They were literally trying to ride it out to sea. This battle went on for awhile until I had to call it quits. If you could see a picture of me you would see me dripping with sweat, needing to pee AGAIN and frustrated beyond belief. What is that you say? Did we have fun? Uh, yeah of course... why would you asked such a thing... this is life as a Webb.....collapse

You would think that is enough of the story and an end to a webb-perfect day but we decided to go to a baseball game that night. Teen Challenge was playing Cornerstone church. Side note: made a new friend from cornerstone, yeah me. We got there early to say hi and watch just a little bit because our kids go to bed early and we still had not ate dinner and needed to do some shopping. Things were going well and I was really enjoying myself UNTIL Nevaeh decided she needed to take a dump.... in the lawn, in front of God and all these lovely church going folk. And guess who couldn't get mad at her. Needless to say we made our mark and headed out as fast as we could. Side note #2: My new friend was not flustered in the least and had to offer a few stories of her own. The worst part of all of this is that I brought the potty with us "just in case."

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