Sunday, June 26, 2011


We have been checking out different churches over the last 11 weeks and we feel like we have finally found somewhere to park it for now. The place is called The Way. It's your basic non-denomination, spirit filled and casual church you would find anywhere really. It's the pastor that captured my attention. He seems to be more evangelistic in his preaching. He has a genuine heart for the lost and genuine distaste for religion. What is not to like? :)

Today he made a point that people look at the church and see all these don'ts and all these rules, wave their hand and say "why bother." They then see the world and it's freedom. Freedom to do what you like, think what you like, act the way you like and think, "That's for me." It's easy at first to argue, "But we have the power of God, the love of Christ." Well, yes, we do, or rather we should.  I doubt that we actually do. If we did we would have the doors busting at the seams. As it stands we can barely get anyone through the door.

Where the Spirit of the Lord is there is freedom. Is there not? Why can't we just love the hell out of people and let Christ work out the details. Why can't we just be wonderful examples of walking in freedom and His love. Just allow the appeal of Christ to draw them. The pastor spoke about the parable of the lamp. To put it in the center of our lives so that the whole being radiates.

I am reminded of the first few years of my salvation. I never made it a moment with out sharing the love of God. I was relentless. I couldn't help it. I loved Him, was forgiven by Him and I HAD to tell others about it. I had to share it. It poured out of my every moment and every interaction. I stood on street corners. Watched demons flee. Saw drug induced or insane people become right in the mind and come to Christ. FREEDOM. I didn't think twice about what God could do. I knew He could do anything and I walked in that truth and saw AMAZING events unfold before me. I had bible studies, prayer meetings and with out permission *GASP* didn't think twice about it. I wanted to share... always.

Now I'm overwhelmed by dos and don'ts. I don't feel the need to stand on a corner now. I don't feel the need to tell my checker at the grocery store who Jesus is. I don't feel compelled to do much but flip off the jerk that just cut me off on the freeway. I should wave my fish symbol at him...doesn't he know who he is dealing with. I want to get back but I don't even know where to begin. All I know is that I sympathize with the pharisees now when I use to hate them.  After all... I am one of  them.


  1. As you can see, I'm catching up on my reading :o) All your posts are worthwhile!

    This post is interesting to me since Jesus saved me at 4 and I've been a pharisee for quite some time. I grew up used to the mediocre Christian walk.

    My latest depression was really the turning point in realizing my misplaced worship: I was worshiping my own righteousness instead of Christ. Since I am of course imperfect (what an understatement) I was becoming depressed with my situation. My god (myself) was failing me! God's been showing me every area, one by one, where I have been worshiping myself instead of Him.

    If you whole-heartedly worship God, you will reflect Him. Let Him worry about who you touch. Just worship Him and the rest will follow. If you try to manufacture it, you will get the glory, not Him, and most likely you won't be very effective anyway.

    It's not about whether you're at a street corner or a blog, or ministering to the lady behind the deli counter. I'm not saying you shouldn't be intentional. We need to be on mission. But it's an act of obedience to His leading. So just do what He tells you and don't fret.

  2. Wow... powerful Elise. "My God (myself) was failing me!" It's interesting to see your perspective and how much it is in relationship to Jason's experience. I can't help but wonder if the Chapel doesn't have something to do with it.