Thursday, June 9, 2011

Our new baby

Well, we've gone and done it... had another baby. In the form of a furry little rambunctious puppy. He gets into trouble, widdles on floor (rarely, I'm happy to say) and fights with his siblings. We are in love. He is a great little guy. His name has proven to be a struggle for us. We had two names that we were weighing...Jasper (for a more laid back dog) and Jiggs (hyper, playful.)

When I first picked up him, he seemed very passive and frightened so I decided right then and there that Jasper was the name for him. On our journey I stopped to visit with one of my sisters and he really perked up at the park and began to chase Nevaeh around, hmmmm, maybe a Jiggs after all.

The next day at home, while recovering from my 16 hour journey from the previous day we switched our minds again. He was being beat up and attacked at all sides from the kids, Selah in particular. All that spunk left him and he spent most of his day trying to hide from them....definitely a Jasper.

Over the last two days he has come into his own. He barks at certain things with fervor, drags toys to his hiding spot to chew on and wrestles with the kids... ok ok Jiggs. His name is Jiggs.

One thing is for sure. He is going to have an identity crisis and the kids are going to be forever confused if we don't stick to a name.


  1. I love your posts! Your puppy is so cute. Glad you are all enjoying him. :-)