Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Simple things

"Whatcha doing mama?"
"Good morning mama!"
"I love you mama!"

Those are things that Selah says to me almost everyday. In between the fits, screaming and tantrums that all 3 year olds are prone to there are words of sweetness. She doesn't know this but there are days when she keeps me going. She is a bit of a Jekyll and Hyde and today was one of the days when I would not have been able to handle the "scary" side of her personality. Thankfully she was pretty pleasant. Lots of playfulness, kisses, and "hugs mama." I was having a hard day today. Woke up with a migraine and for reason I don't care to discuss spent most of my day in tears. I could have really used a friend but to no avail and then came along my sweet angel that I swear God gave to balance out my life and bring in a whirl of intoxicating joy.  Pure love with no requirements or expectations. Just simple love. It's the simple things in life that really matter the most in the end...and in the now.