Thursday, July 28, 2011

Switched rooms

Well, I finally did it. I've been anguishing over it for sometime and finally just went for it. I moved Selah into her own room and put Danica and Nevaeh together. Nevaeh and Selah fight every morning about toys, who is going to sit in their swing chair (yes, in their room) and what they are going to watch on TV. It's exhausting and everyone ends up in a bad mood by the time I go get them. Selah even wakes up in the middle of the night attacking Nevaeh and screams "mine, it's mine, you share, you share" while kicking or hitting her. Something had to change.

This morning was quiet and peaceful. I heard them up at 5:30am but was able to stay in bed until 7am while they all played happily. I went into Selah's room first and she was all "morning mama, look I clean up room" and she began to put all the clothes away that she had taken out. I crossed the hall to enter Nevaeh's room and there was Danica cracking up, jumping up and down in her crib while Nevaeh spun around the room singing to herself.

Nevaeh is now free to do as she wishes in the morning. Even with Danica out of her crib (someday) she will be submissive to her so I think it's a good fit. Nevaeh usually will give Danica her binki when she is crying and coax her so I think she will also be sweet towards her. There is competition between the two oldest which keeps creating conflict.

With regards to Selah, I was really worried that she would become entitled and snobbish but she seems to feel validated and important. I feel that must have really been lacking with having an older and younger sister, with one of them demanding far more attention then one normally should.

Needless to say I am feeling pretty proud of myself and grateful that moving Selah, and not Nevaeh, into her own room was the right and best decision.

That is all,
Sincerely....a very satisfied Mama


  1. Happy for you friend! So glad it's bringing peacefulness to your home. :O)

  2. Love this. Breakthroughs in parenting, huzzah!